Balancing Bees

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The Combinations are Endless! Balancing Bees is stack-stacular! Because of the counter-balanced design and extra wide pieces, you can stack and connect bees high and wide. How big of a hive can you build and keep balanced!? Make elegant hive sculptures and even connect two hives! Are you an expert level bee keeper? Connect your bees to the hive with only one hand!
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Now here's a challenging balancing game that's sure to have everyone buzzzzing with excitement! Connect and balance worker bees to the queen bee in four different directions, creating an elegant, 3-D hive-like sculpture as you go. The player to connect their last bee without toppling the structure wins! Each wooden piece is multi-slotted and counterbalanced, allowing players to easily connect the bees high and wide. Pieces are printed on both sides with smiling bee characters brimming with personality, making this a fun and encouraging way for kids to practice hand-eye coordination and spatial relations. Set includes a two-part wooden queen bee game pieces, 24 wooden worker bee game pieces, and rules.

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