Insta-Snow - 12 Gallon

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Make 12 Gallons of Fluffy Snow in Seconds! The original fake snow polymer! Snow is a seasonal phenomenon, but it can’t be relocated inside for study and play, and – in some areas of the country – it won’t appear at all. So, when snow (and fun) is on the mind, let the kids devour hours of fun with one of these Steve Spangler Science Insta-Snow Powder Kits – delivering realistic, fluffy snow that can be dried out to reuse countless times. With just the addition of water, the liquid/insta-snow powder mix turns into a solid within seconds—no mixing required. A true wonder and learning asset for a multitude of settings and playtimes. Insta-Snow isn’t just a cool demonstration, educators have found great use in sensory tables for early childhood and chemistry for advanced sciences!
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