Paul and the Moon

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Help Paul and the sparkle sprites save the moon! First the sparkle sprites must scale the stars, one sprite leaping over the other, building a ladder to the moon for Paul to climb. But they must do this before the moon disappears behind a cloud! Only then, can Paul give the radiant magic staff back to the moon, so that then once more the moon can shed beautiful moonlight on the Earth.
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The moon has lost its radiant magic staff. Paul wants to bring it back, with the help of the sparkle sprites. Players roll the dice and move Paul forwards accordingly. They search for the symbol that Paul lands on under the face-down star tiles. If they find the right symbol, they hang the matching sparkle sprite on the next star of the star path; otherwise the cloud is pulled further over the moon. If every star has a sparkle sprite hanging on it before the moon is completely covered, then the players all win together.

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